9 December 2016

Geography of Andhra Pradesh

Geography of Andhra Pradesh for APPSC Groups exams

  1. Introduction

  2. Andhra pradesh is located in the south eastern region of India. Till, 2 June 2014, Andhra Pradesh had three regions, Telangana, Rayalseema and Coastal Andhra. On 2 June 2014, Telangana got separated from Andhra Pradesh to form a separate state. Now AP has only 2 regions, Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra.
  3. Location

  4. Andhra Pradesh is located in the South Eastern Coast of India. The latitudinal and longitudinal location of Andhra Pradesh is 15° 54' North and 79° 44' East.
  5. Size 

  6. The area of Andhra Pradesh is 1,60,205 sq. km. Area wise, Andhra Pradesh stands in the 8th place among the states of India. The area of Andhra Pradesh is 4.87% of the total area of India.

    The population of Andhra Pradesh is 4,93,86,799. Population wise it occupies the tenth place. The population of Andhra Pradesh is 4.08 % of the total population of India.

    The sex ratio of Andhra Pradesh is 996. It has a population density of 308 persons per sq. km. The literacy rate of Andhra Pradesh is 67.41%.
  7. Boundaries

  8. Andhra Pradesh is land locked on three sides and one side it is surrounded by water. The side surrounded by water is the it. In the east Andhra Pradesh is surrounded by Bay of Bengal. In the North, it is surrounded by Odisha and Chhattisgarh; In the west, it is surrounded by Telangana and Karnataka; In the south, surrounded by Tamil Nadu.
  9. Administrative Divisions

  10. Each state is divided into administrative divisions and revenue divisions for the better management of the society and the people. Administrative divisions are the districts of the state. There are 13 administrative divisions in Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is again divided into 42 revenue divisions. Of these, East Godavari has 5 making it the highest, where as the lowest is Vizianagaram with 2 revenue divisions.
  11. Constituencies

  12. There are two types of constituencies. Assembly constituencies and MP Constituencies. Andhra Pradesh has 175 assembly constituencies and 25 MP constituencies. Out of the 175 assembly constituencies, East Godavari has highest number of 19 constituencies, while Vizianagaram las lowest of 9 constituencies.

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