13 February 2017

General Studies for APPSC Groups Exams #5

General Studies bit bank for APPSC Group 1, 2, 4, Panchayat Secretary Exams

  1. Which battle marked the beginning of the Mughal Empire in India?
  2. In which year did Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded Brahma Samaj as Brahma Sabha?
  3. What is the biological process that occurs by the absorption of energy?
  4. Under which act, the provincial governments were given more power under the system of dyarchy?
  5. The sultans of which dynasty were the main rivals of Vijayanagara rulers in the south?
  6. Who founded Mughal empire in India?
  7. Who is the father of Indian renaissance?
  8. In which part of India, we can see Dravidian style architecture?
  9. Where did Moplah rebellion took place in 1921?
  10. Who was given the title Devanam priya?
  11. During whose reign was the conquest of South India completed?
  12. After whom was Qutab Minar named?
  13. Where is the richest mineral region of the world?
  14. Where is the chief centre of Indo-Roman trade?
  15. What is the chief constituent of the Gobar gas?


  1. Battle of Kanwah
  2. 1829
  3. Exothermic process
  4. Indian Councils act 1892
  5. Bahamani Sultans
  6. Babur
  7. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  8. North India
  9. Kerala
  10. Emperor Ashoka
  11. Ala-ud-din-Khilji
  12. Qutab-ud-din-Aibak
  13. Atlantic coast of USA
  14. Kabul
  15. Chlorine
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General Studies for APPSC Groups Exams #4

General Studies for APPSC Group 1, 2, 3, 4 Exams

  1. What is considered as the dynamic part of the ecosystem?
  2. When did the crown constituted the Supreme Court of Bengal?
  3. Who is the first person to divide the circle into 360 degrees?
  4. Which fish is popularly used in malaria eradication programme?
  5. When did Gandhi became Politically active?
  6. Who started Home Rule movement?
  7. Which process involves a phenomenon of circumvallation?
  8. When was Sri Bagh Pact concluded?
  9. What are the educational centres of Buddhist called?
  10. What are the observable traits of an organism called?
  11. When did Rampa rebellion happened?
  12. Who is the tenth Guru of Sikhs?
  13. Through which process plants loose water?
  14. Between which regions was Sri Bagh agreement made?
  15. Which country is known as the country of thousand lands?


  1. Foodchain
  2. 1774
  3. Hipparchus
  4. Onchorynchus nerka
  5. 1919
  6. Annie Beseant
  7. Ingestion
  8. 16 November 1937
  9. Ghatikas
  10. Genotype
  11. 1922-1924
  12. Guru Govind Singh
  13. Transpiration
  14. Andhra and Rayalaseema
  15. Finland

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