26 June 2017

Ikshavakus Part I - APPSC Groups Exams Bitbank #7

Ikshavakus - Andhra Pradesh History for APPSC Group I, II, III, IV, Panchayat Secretary Exams

  1. What is the capital of Ikshavakus?
  2. What is the religion followed by Ikshavakus?
  3. From which pillar was Ehuvala Chanthamula inscription discovered?
  4. Who was the last king of Ikshavakus?
  5. Which Ikshavaku King's period is known as the golden era for Buddhism?
  6. Who is the founder of Ikshavaku kingdom?
  7. During whose period, usage of Sanskrit started in inscriptions?
  8. What was the official emblem of Ikshavakus?
  9. Which dynasty first followed "Menarikam"?
  10. What was the script during the period of Ikshavakus?
  11. Who confirmed that the birth place of Ikshavakus as Krishna Bank?
  12. Who constructed Buddhist building during Veera Purushadatta's period?
  13. What were the Sri Chanthamula's coins named as?
  14. Which Ikshavaku king donated agricultural tools to farmers for cultivation?
  15. Which Buddhist centre is popular during Ikshavaku's period?


  1. Vijaypuri
  2. Shaivism
  3. Gummaddidurru Pillar
  4. Rudrapurusha Datta
  5. Veerapurusha Datta
  6. Vashista Putra Sri Chanthamula
  7. Ehuvala Chanthamula
  8. Lion
  9. Ikshavakus
  10. Brahmi
  11. Kaldwel
  12. Bodisri
  13. Saamina
  14. Chanthamula
  15. Nagarjuna Konda

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