14 June 2017

Satavahanas - APPSC Groups Exam Bit Bank #6

History of Andhra Pradesh - Satavahanas

  1. The different capital cities at different times of Satavahanas are _____ and _____.
  2. Satavahanas raises as a poltical power after the fall of _____.
  3. Satavahanas were also called as _____ and _____.
  4. Who is the founder of Satavahana dynasty?
  5. According to Matsya Purana, how many rulers were there in this dynasty?
  6. The 6th ruler of the Satavahana dynasty who extended his kingdom to the West by conquering Malwa was _____.
  7. Who occupied Magadha by bringing down the last of Kanva rulers, Susarman?
  8. What us the literary work of Hala, the 17th Satavahana King?
  9. In a Nasik record, who was described as the restorer of the glory of the Satavahanas?
  10. Which religion flourished throughout the period of Satavahanas?
  11. Hala's Gathasaptasati is written in which language?
  12. The minister of Hala, Gunadya was the author of _____.
  13. Who was the 23rd ruler of the Satavahana dynasty?
  14. Who succeeded Gautamiputra Satakarni?
  15. Who was the last ruler of the Satavahanas?


  1. Pratisthana and Amaravati
  2. Mauryan Empire
  3. Salivahanas and Satakarnis
  4. Simukha
  5. 29
  6. Satakarni II
  7. Pulumavi I
  8. Gathasaptasati
  9. Gautamiputra Satakarni
  10. Buddhism
  11. Prakrit
  12. Brihatkadha
  13. Gautamiputra Satakarni
  14. Pulumavi II
  15. Yajnasri Satakarni

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