2 May 2019

The Delhi sultanate - History of India for APPSC, UPSC, SSC and RRB exams

Indian history for APPSC, UPSC civil services, SSC CGL and CHSL and RRB NTPC exams

History of India for APPSC, UPSC, SSC and RRB exams

The following quiz contains 15 questions on the topic the Delhi Sultanate. Solve the questions within seven minutes. Good Luck!

01. Under whom did Delhi first became the capital of a Kingdom?

02. Tomara Rajputs were defeated in the middle of the 12th century by

03. What were the coins minted in Delhi were called during those days?

04. The transformation of Delhi into a capital that controlled vast areas of the subcontinent started with the foundation of Delhi Sultanate in the beginning of which century?

05. Who among the following belongs to Sayyid dynasty?

06. Who among the following is not a Turkish ruler?

07. What is the language of Administration under the Delhi Sultans?

08. Who wrote these words in the 13th century, a king cannot survive without soldiers. And soldiers cannot live without salaries......... This happens when the king promotes justice and honest governance."?

09. Who is the Sultan Iltutmish's daughter who became Sultan in 1236?

10. When was Raziyya removed from The Throne, as some people felt uncomfortable at having a queen as ruler?

11. Queen Rudrama Devi belonged to which dynasty question

12. Delhi's authority was also challenged by Mongol invasions from which country?

13. The consolidation of the Delhi sultanate occurred during the reign of

14. During whose reign the military expeditions into southern India started?

15. Quwwat ul Islam mosque was the congregational mosque of the first city built by

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